August 2018 Newsletter

Hello everyone!!

We can’t believe we’ve already reached our second newsletter!

We’ve had many accomplishments in July; from fundraising to our first interviews – and even an acronym change!

If you didn’t know United Adoptees of Romania got rid of the “O” in their acronym and is now UAR. We’re almost as cool as IHOP!

We held our first fundraiser and raised over $200! Pretty good for being a newer organization.

We will eventually have an official donate page, either through GoFundMe or a different crowdfunding site. If anyone has any suggestions for a decent site please let us know. The funds raised are going towards marketing and towards our website – all good things!

Our biggest accomplishment for July was conducting our first couple of interviews! We interviewed Richard and Cathy Magreta; the founder of United Adoptees of Romania’s adoptive parents. We are so grateful that they participated! If you haven’t seen their interviews yet you can view them here:

Cathy and Richard Magreta’s Interviews

But Wait There’s More!!

United Adoptees of Romania now has a YouTube channel!

Of course, if you watched Mr. Magreta’s interview you were directed to YouTube, but we also added Playlists! There are tons of categories ranging from music to language lessons to traditions – and I’m sure we will be adding many new categories! If you have any suggestions please let us know!

You can find our YouTube channel here:

United Adoptees of Romania’s Official YouTube channel!

New Music from July

Lacrimi si Pumni in Pereti





Chery Chery

Coming up in August

As far as big events happening in August, Romanian’s celebrate St. Mary’s Day on the 15th. St. Mary’s Day is also referred to as Assumption Day. The Romanian Orthodox religion celebrates when Mary (Jesus’s mother) went to heaven, that her body didn’t go through physical decay, but ascended into heaven with her soul.

To celebrate, Romanians have a huge feast – so eat a lot on the 15th! There will be huge celebrations with thousands of Romanians in Maramures, Transylvania, and Moldovia – and of course smaller celebrations all over Romania.

This also means that Romanians will celebrate people with the names “Maria, Mariana, Maricica, Marioara, and Marinela” on the 15th. If you have one of these names, you should definitely celebrate! 

Timisoara, Romania (2017)


Our main goal for August is mainly exposure! We’d like to reach as many people as possible. So far our Facebook page has about 560 likes; we are so thankful that people are showing interest in this cause. We’d love to see the world come together to make a change for Romanian children.

We’d also love to hear your story! If you are interested in sharing your story please email us at

If you have any suggestions for our future newsletters please let us know! We’d love to start doing recipes of the month – so if you have any Romanian recipes please email them to us and we’d love to share them with our followers – and of course, we will give you credit!

Also, if you haven’t followed our official Facebook page, you should 🙂

Thank you!






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