November 2018 Newsletter

As the weather gets colder United Adoptees of Romania heats up! (we know, corny). But it’s true! We passed 800-page likes on Facebook!

November is National Adoption Month! 

United Adoptees of Romania encourages all sides of the adoption triad to participate in constructive adoption discussions on our Facebook page. We have scheduled daily posts that are a mix of adoption issues and sides of adoption. We ask that everyone treats each other with respect when discussing this sensitive subject.

United Adoptees of Romania supports the reopening of international adoption from Romania and would like everyone to come together as a community to push Romania to reopen their doors. 

Fundraising (it finally happened)!

United Adoptees of Romania is taking the next step to becoming an official Non-Profit Organization. We are now raising funds to become tax-exempt. All funds will be going into our official business account. Any extra funds will be going back into UAR to continue to improve our organization. Any donations large or small are appreciated. If you cannot donate, don’t feel bad; Shares help just as much! 

You can view it here:


November has quite a few name days!

As we have mentioned before the Romanian orthodox celebrates people who were named after Patron Saints.

On November 8th, people with the names Mihail and Gavriil (St. Michael and Gabriel) are celebrated. This also includes the names Mihaela, Mihaiela, Mihaita, Misa, Michi, Mihnea, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabi, Gabita, Gavril, and Gavrila. If your name is on this list for the 8th, do something good for yourself to celebrate YOU.

On November 25th St. Catherine is celebrated. People with the names Catalina, Catalin, Caterina, Catrina, Catrinel, Trina, Tirnea, Trinca, Catina, Tinca, Tincuta, Cati, Catita, Catiusa, and Lina. If your name is on this list for the 25th, do something good for yourself to celebrate YOU.

And last, but not least, November 30th St. Andrew is celebrated. People with the names Andrei, Andreea, Andi, Anda, Andrii, Andruta, Andries, and Andreas are celebrated. If your name is on this list for the 30th, do something good for yourself to celebrate YOU.


As you know United Adoptee’s of Romania has our own YouTube channel with tons of playlists ranging from music to history to language lessons. You can find it by clicking on this link below!

UAR YouTube Channel

As we have said before, we’d like to keep our adoptees up to date on Romanian pop culture. This month we would like to introduce Carla’s Dreams.

Carla’s Dreams originated in Moldova, which is in between Romania and Ukraine. Carla’s Dreams experiments with several different musical genres; hip-hop, rock, pop, and jazz. They also sing in Romanian, English, and Russian. Definitely a multitalented group.

What makes this group really interesting is that the group paints their faces; making their true identities anonymous.

Here are some of their hits,


November is also the month of Thanksgiving. If you celebrate, we’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Whether you are in America or not, we think everyone (adopted or not), should set some time to reflect on what you are thankful for. Whether it is being thankful for being adopted, finding your birth family, having a wonderful adoptive family, having an education, a good job, a great support system, amazing friends, etc.

UAR is thankful to have the opportunity to reach so many people in just a matter of months.

We hope that United Adoptees of Romania becomes something that can eventually help out abroad and make a difference.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. And look forward to maturing as an organization. 

With Love,





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